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Bard's Tale 1- Medieval dangers, dark desires

The Singing to praise the sun's return. Hades castle in background

Diary- I have found a new life for my musical instruments! What serves to pass my time, hone my concentration  and please a few listeners on the streets of Caledon, seems to have magical effects  when I travel thru the Time Portal! In the medieval village of Golgothica,  I played to greet the dawn, and when I looked at my feet, tiny white flowers had sprung up from the ground! They seemed to enjoy the music so I played a short dance, and within minutes, some of the locals had gathered and begun swaying and dancing! Tonight at sunset I will play “The Fairy Round” and see what happens…

Diary- I played The Fairy Round and guess what???

My friend Faun, who is unfortunately a delicacy to Demons...
A skiddish young faun came from the nearby woods, and we conversed and danced by the maypole! I asked her her name, but she just said, “Faun.” Perhaps only humans, and their dolls, have specific names?

Kyadria and Infamous grab Faun after an hour long chase
Diary- as we parted ways, the faun entered those evil woods and was instantly set upon by demons!  They chased her for an hour, I could hear the snap of branches as she squealed and splashed, eluding them  and further fueling their burning hatred for all things beautiful and naturally exquisite! Oh how I hope she is alright! I shall endeavor into the woods tomorrow, just a ways, to see if she is alright.

OH NO, Diary!

Dazed sleepy expression as the magic takes effect

I picked carefully though the dark silent woods for an hour, finding no trace of my Friend of Nature, when a nasty trap sprung about me!  I kicked and even chewed on the net, but to no avail.

Fear of beasts eating me subside as a shadow cuts me free...

The shadows around me seemed to coalesce into a form, vaguely human like. I cried for its help, and in seconds the shape had revealed itself to be a hideous, monstrous demon! The dark skin seethed and hissed in the air from its unnatural heat and I was aghast at the power that seemed to flow from the living nightmare. It sensed my fright, and with some spoken words in its evil tongue, and a wave of its massive hand, I felt my energy leave me, nearly asleep standing up!

Out of the frying pan,,,

The deep bass in its voice shakes my belly and chest with its vibration, so powerful and evil is this creature. Its smell woke me fully, a noxious vapor that turned my stomach.  I screamed when I noticed I was now in a large castle courtyard, and it knocked me to the ground easily by yanking on the thick chain that was now around my neck. The horrid thing laughed to see me on all fours at his feet, and it sounded like a strangled bull dying.  I have to break free! I will write again when I have jumped over the wall or when it falls asleep.

I have a few minutes before my lessons resume. I did not feel the sharp tendril off the wing pierce me in the ear, there was no pain, so do not worry. I just want to stand here a while longer, as long as nothing horrible or frightening comes along. I can feel things inside, new things, and I am curious how long I have thought or felt these things. It is so odd, I am not sure how long I have been standing here, learning these new and scary, exciting things, but when I can I will be escaping, though I shall be running without my top- where that went I do not know.


In the chamber of my Lord

Today my Lord and Master called me to him from my dark cold chamber. I could feel his mind thinking about me, and I quickly washed and combed my hair for him, of course.  His room was dry and warm, comfortable sheets reminded me of a life long ago, when I had things like that, but I can barely recall those days now. How long has it been since I first met Ixnatus? I chuckle as I scamper into his room, eagerly leaning into the massive hands, to taste his tingling, magical saliva. How I am addicted to his sweaty fragrance and the wetness off his tongue! He needs me too; Ixnatus is so quick to  occupy my mouth with his thick, slithery mouth muscle, and I wince in preparation- he loves to grab my buttcheeks roughly, long sharp fingernails poking tiny holes  in the pattern of his hand. They don’t bleed much and he says its very sexy, like a tattoo or a brand, so that all will know that I am his. His! I swoon when I hear his deep bellowing voice say I am worthy of none other than the Master of the Dark Himself, and am scared that I might some day displease him- I have seen people displease him, and would never want that fate, let alone how it would break my heart to know I had made him sad. One day I shall escape when things are perfect, when everyone can be happy about it, even Ixnatus. Is it possible Diary, for someone as powerful and wonderful, to love a young doll like me?

A quiet moment together
   I am still shaking as I write this; not just from another afternoon of being in his presence,  nor of yet another marathon of satiating his near-boundless lust, but of the quiet talk we had, wrapped in each other’s arms.
   As he healed my ripped flesh and cracked pelvis he explained that he needed a covert spy deep within the humans, telling him everything going on without them knowing. Only this way, could he be sure to be aiding those truly needing it, and find those causing trouble without scaring the masses, he said. I was overwhelmed at Ixnatus’s love for us all, and told him so, crying  and smiling.
   My Lord said he trusted only one to this task, and I trembled as he took my head in his hands, and kissed me again. Instantly my body was on fire, tingling and wet and ready to pleasure him thru the setting of the sun, but he wanted only to rest with me. I kissed his thigh, resting my head on him while he used his sharp fingernail to draw magical sigils in my sin. They glowed for a while, burning with a white hot sting,  and I meant to ask him what they were, but I found it pleased him to have me frozen. Then I decided to sleep.


Exploring my  home with the Great Lord Ixnatus

I saw a new area of my Lord and lover’s castle today, and after all these years! He showed me a gorgeous, petite room, just the right size, bare and dry, and He said when I have succeeded in my mission, I would have it all to myself! I cannot recall what it is like to have a room of my own but the mere thought of it made me weep for joy! I of course begged him to keep a copy of the key so he could come in at any time, and he laughed that cute laugh he gets sometimes. I could see in his eye he wanted me, and you know how that gets me instantly ready!  I looked down reverently as I played with my nipples for him. He said he had something to tell me, so I wait for his word or need. I cannot believe I will live so near him, Diary! I hope I will always live here, a moment from his bed, and his service.


Untold hours go by, mind and body filled and trained

I am a little dopey as I write this, he had much to tell me, to teach me, and this time there was a little pain where his wing horn pierced my ear so deeply  into my head. I am not sure how long I stood there, receiving his will, or what he may have erased, but everything is for his pleasure, and I trust my loving Lord of Shadows with my life. He hurried upstairs and I joined him, in audience with many demon-ilk.

Presented to the Great Hall of Demons

I stood in a huge opulent room with rich tapestries and the smell of rich perfume and heady sex. All around, the major demons hissed and spoke of eating my eyes, but Master was there, and told them all I was the one he had prepared for the plan. I was unsure if this was true or not, but it kept my eyes in my head.
   They were very scary Diary; and seemed intent on me leaving an appendage behind. Master chuckled. Ixnatus is so calm under the pressure of his peers! See why being near him makes me melt?
   He wove his hand in front of me, like he sometimes does,  and 

Fright  can do this to a young doll...


Playing in the safe woods, was it a dream? (look closely)


I wrote down that recurring dream or nightmare  I have, and it makes an amazing story! I will have to work on the chords for a song to it, though some parts may be a bit scary for a song. Just the mention of demons, their tortured beings, foul smell and evil intent can evoke those of us who revere good to wretching.  But the story needs writing, and so I put it here for now.  I seem to have been asleep for many days, this strange village is cursed! I must go , I have met an aristocrat named Lilith, with a thick accent, and will learn all about her land of Carpathia tonight at dinner!

Seiya Pearl, aka Lilith. Very good at Roleplay


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