Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chicago Roaring 20's- Guys and Dolls

I was cleaning outside the shoppe, picking up the remaining pieces of the latex bodysuit that poor man wore. I am amazed at how much they stretch, but once he grew the four legs with hooves and haunches, well the por customer's snug bodysuit popped like a balloon!
   Then behind me I heard him, clearly not from around here: His voice was deep, throaty, resonant. His was the purr of a clockwork lion, with perfect timing, unquestionably powerful, magnetically appealing.
   He was just the sexiest machine I have ever met.
  He said his name was Phaeton, but people just call him Deusenberg, or Deusey for short. I tried keeping my composure, I am a clockwork governess, after all!
   "Hi doll," he said with that bright, bassy tone.
   I maintained a calm slight smile, but he could hear my cogs nearly clacking and thumping. He went on to tell me that all women were called Dolls where he lived. I was intrigued! A place where guys called women dolls, maybe a doll would be accepted as an equal?
   He invited me to a party, a special dance going on, and you KNOW I enjoy dancing! I tried to say yes and sound aloof, but his voice rumbled deep in my belly, and both our headlights  were on high beams.
   "Yess," I whispered in a sultry, breathy voice. My clock was definitely ticking in time with him. Instantly he was turned on, motor revving like the finely tuned machine that he is. I mentioned  preemptively that I sometimes enjoyed wrapping myself in the smooth firm  leather of a man, and as we headed out, he confessed sometimes, he likes the doll to drive.

At Chicago Roaring 20's, The Empire Burlesque is opulent but danger lurks in alleys
   We talked as the road purred under us- He had played for the Packards until he was hired by The Outfit, running errands for one of Chicago-20's big bosses- Biglim Serrano! I asked him what he did for him.
   "I'm a Torpedo."
   I decided not to ask what that meant.
   He stopped short of the night spots, and I got my hair done, and bought a nice coat to go over my rather middle class dress. I just had to look good! Who would show up with someone like Deusenberg and look a frump? That would not make a good first impression, and would not be fair to this magnificent driver for the Chicago underworld, who had been so nice to me!

   He assured me I was safe, but I did watch carefully, the group of men in fedoras and fine suitcoats. Odd that they should stand in an alley, dressed so nicely, I thought. Deusey said the smoking man was none other than Fat Tony! A rival gang boss? I was terrified for Deusey, but he winked, his low beams  filled with gratitude at my concern. Then I heard three engines backfire, then two more, and then a machine gun, like the one I used on the zombies! (see previous blog) I fell on his gorgeous Spare tire cover, shielding him, which now seems quite silly, but one deep, appreciative growl from him and I knew something was starting. He nodded to the building so I hurried to the heavy doors, heels clicking on the Windy City cobblestone. In a moment I was inside the lavish and comfortable dark theater, The Empire Burlesque.

Lance, and Fat Tony- Rival Underworld boss, just outside

Highly detailed in well researched patterns from the era, Fabulous

I sat mesmerized, by the best burlesque show I have seen in my Second Life!
   The room was full of glamorous men and women, tall, lithe, statuesque, the wealthy, the powerful, the performers of stage, and of back-alley speakeasy, the casino winner, and the casino owner. All were here, and in a tiny corner, was me.

   The owner, Starla Huntress, was dressed in a provocative outfit, but greeted me with a calm friendly attitude. she and fellow owner Shepham Moorland, both said they liked my hair, my coat, and seemed genuine! I got a secret giggle when I was called "doll",but maintained the facade, fairly sure that the key nub did not show under my coat. I mustered all my simple upbringing and my governess studies to hold my own in their company, but was glad when the lights dimmed, and the dancers took the stage, and I, my seat.

   Starla played the crowd like they were the dolls, not her. her dancing was as good as any I had seen, but with the special lights and luxurious surroundings, everything was surreal and elevated! I daydreamed of waiting tables at one of the restaurants nearby, maybe working in a small store, maybe even, dancing here? Imagine! Me! Hobnobbing and performing for the likes of these! I was popped from my bubble as Starla made her way to the front, and danced for someone special-

Biglim Serrano seems like one you avoid, or work for maybe...

   Biglim Serrano! It was him! He had employees around him, and a gorgeous woman seated with him- just seeing how beautuful women at this level of society were, made me very self conscious. I scrawled on a napkin  what I had seen outside, and gave it to a cocktail girl to give to the powerful Lord of vice.

   A few minutes later, I was being escorted upstairs to the special seating! I felt grand, and walked like Princess Barbie, but with much better hair.

The Fourth of July Dedication was phenomenal in sight sound and special dance animations!

The sparks and colored roman candles threw this number over the top- Fabulous!
   Una Woodrunner danced to a special tribute for the Fourth of July- she was so pretty, her dances were so professional, and the fireworks and smoke and music and, and , and, I sat mouth agape through her show, having never seen anything like it.

The stage was reset then all the girls came out to do a Chicago favorite, the Cell Block Tango!

"They had it comin, they had it comin,"

Each did bits from the song, and I caught myself once singing aloud with them, but in the dark balcony alone, nobody would have heard any sound I made.
   ...wait,,, that sounds a bit scary, huh? Should I have been worried?
   After the show, I sauntered down the marble stairs and overlooked the crowd, memorizing what they wore, how they looked, as the Master of Ceremonies, Dino Fyanucci wished us all a good evening.

My Icing gown held its own among the glamorous

   The owner Shepham invited me back with a lustful smile, and I suddenly felt very comfortable- not terrified, it was different. I was a bit concerned, scared maybe, but tingling all over and pulsing, alive. That is it- I felt alive.

   Once outside I ran to Deusey who was still standing watch. His eyes lit up when he saw me swishing, feet clipping down the sidewalk. That look from any man can get your pressure up, but when it is someone as refined, as huge, and powerful and smooth as Deusenberg, you just melt.
   He held his door open for me and in a moment we were gone. He did not ask where to go,  and I was revelling in his firm but silky control; rack and pinion, but with power assist, he said.
   Just between us, alright? He was amazing! I gripped him by his leather and we spun into the humid evening, He took me places I have never been. Carefully, confidently, and then in the heat of it with all pistons firing he drove me faster and harder than ever- I thought something would break!

   I woke and wafted through the morning at the Hypnotic Shoppe, dazed, aglow, and that feeling of having been taken just a little too far, and loving it. I gasped when I spotted a note in my mailbox, scented with a hint of Benzine, his fragrance. I could not hide my smile as I rushed outside to read it, away from the customers in the shoppe:

  Hiya Doll,
   Wanted youse to know, last night wasn't no chrome plated evening. I ain't no chrome plated guy doll. I'm Stainless Steel, through and through. I gotta see you again soon, you wound me up so much just thinking about last night made me backfire just now.
   There's apartments and flats available, youse could get one, maybe even dance at the Blues joint, or the Burlesque even. Not just any doll could, but you made some powerful friends last night. Made some enemies too- They heard you ratted them out in the alley, but you got nothin to worry about doll, cuz I'm here.
   The Jazz club here's got a real shimmy dance tonight- wanna bunny hop? Bring an extra garter doll, in case we break another one, like last night. Never had anyone handle my fuzzy dice like that- youse sure you ain't a professional? I'll wear the whitewalls, don't matter what you wear, you'll be gorgeous.
   Deusenberg SJ Phaeton.

   How do you stop laughing and smiling when you learn a guy like him loves you? Why would you want to? Where do I get a stunning flapper dress by 7 PM?!?!?

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  1. What a fantastic evening, Wendy! Glad you had such a good time! *hugs & kisses* - Domitan