Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy 4th Rezday, Goodbye Cape Wrath

While applying the last of the lights for my Rezday Party Dance, I was stopped as if remotely frozen in place by a distant sound. I do have remote control operations, though I keep their operations secreted, lest I lose what autonomy I have as a sentient Clockwork Doll. No, this was the sound of 8 large Belgian Horses pulling a massive, lavish and heavy coach down the cobble streets of the Cape.

   The Guvnah was coming!

   Makeup? Left in my doll box. Outfit? I was in jeans! Tea? COLD!

I ran upstairs to the Hypnosis lounge, where a young woman Esperanza was in deep trance, learning to better herself and accept certain new truths. I avoided looking into the spinning spiral, and suggested that a good proof of her wellness is how well and quickly she could make a pot of tea. Then grabbed her purse and quickly fixed my face as the enormous carriage came to a rest in the small parking lot in front of my shoppe.
   As he entered the shoppe, I had just finished fussing with the lace of my proper Victorian dress, Esperanza setting the tea down for us with the typical far-off sleepy gaze of most my customers.
   As a side note, should you ever get the opportunity to have tea with Guvnah Desmond Shang, I would encourage you to do so. He is witty and caring, and careful with his words so as not to inadvertently express incorrect meanings.  We spoke of dances and the change in seasons, and the recent affairs of State- he has around 50 Independent Sims of Caledon to manage, after all. But it was when I asked about the 8 to 10 empty parcels in our beloved Cape Wrath, that his brow dropped, his eyes misted over, and the normally soft and strong voice crackled. "Miss Charis,, I mean, Wendy. Would you walk with me to the pier?"
   One does not say no to the Guvnah, how absurd that an answer to the negative could even be an option! Mind you if he had asked me to dance, or accompany him to a Grand Ball, I would have definitely lost all internal pressure and fainted dead away.
   At the pier, looking off to Winterfell in the distance, with its wooden medieval structures like shadows in the fog. He turned, eyes red but face and hands firm, as he took my hands. Caledon was in danger, he relayed. I assured him if there was anything I or The Cape could do, or the Royal Caledon Air Force, (of which I am Wing Commander of the Medical Wing) it would be done with full resolve.  The huge number of empty parcels throughout Caledon would need patched and filled, with what few stalwart  members of Cape Wrath remain.
   "But, then who will work at the hospital, Manage the train station, or CAT Airship platform? Who will man the walls against pirates and invasion? Winter is coming."
   Silence can tell you more than words. This makes no sense to a doll, but it worked perfectly then, as he stood in the cold harsh breeze off the Strait, staring as cold as the north wind in my face.
   "But,, Cape Wrath cannot go away! How would we maintain the contiguous border with Winterfell?"
   He made that face a parent makes when a child asks something which they already though of, but were unaware the child could grasp. He explained that one of the sims, mystical and ancient, could move itself anywhere, and it would take the place of the aging and expensive Cape sim.
   There it was.  October 31 would see the last day of the proud Cape Wrath.
   My eyes leaked as the Guvnah comforted me, and when I could manage speech, I told him I would do everything I could to organize a speedy and efficient, and sympathetic, exodus of the Cape. I had not noticed another carriage arrive beside us, pulled by enormous rabbits, nor the Duchess emerge and stand beside me. You would think one would be keen to spot such things!
   She handed me a small crown, smiling with that bittersweet official smile.  She had made it , just for me.  It was the most beautiful crown in the whole world! Far nicer than Barbie's.
   Guvnah Shang's voice was the booming proclaimer of normal days, taking my hands in his, the Duchess's hands joining in.
   "From now, until October 31, you are hereby deeded all lands from water's edge, to your Shoppe. This land holding, for this length, entitles you, Wendyslippers Charisma, Clockwork Person of Note, the fulfillment of all requirements to Receive the Royal Edict, of Elevation to the position of Duchess of Cape Wrath, and afforded all Rights and Responsibilities without Let or Hindrance. The Land will be gone, but your title will remain. And as you remain, Cape Wrath remains."

   My eyes leaked  for several seconds until my wobbly knees weakened and dropped me into the Duchess's arms. She groaned, unaware of what weight all my brass and steel might imbue.

   I would be a Duchess.  But I would lose my shoppe, my land. I was despondent but kept a stiff lip as the Royal teams pulled away into Brigadoon Sim, and then rode out of sight, pulling into Penzance. Possibly to take in a movie at the opulent Theater there.
2061 people danced and cuddled on the Romance Island, built on the remains of Olde Fort Wrath

Dancing, cuddling, watching the sunrises on the Cape, and a great amphitheater for meetings

Akuji met me at my party. A Jedi from Yavin4, he was the only member from the Star Wars  RP to attend

Almut and I cried, and laughed, saddened by the loss of the Hospital. But talked about building a new one, of Mesh, less prims, better textures, all that.

Isha, Stace and Cheri danced among the spirals and laser lights, the searchlight of the Hospital's airship landing pad in the distance

God Bless the Bluebirds! Stellar Drift friends are forever, with many showing up and calling with well wishes. Here, MasterofAngels, Yuki, Loki, and Domitan grind heels into the Shoppe roof

There on my first day in SL, first day in the shoppe, Pam gave me strength  and smiles
Watching the dawn of the last days, on the Hospital.

Standing on the landing pad roof, watching the sun rise; and yet the sun was setting.

Note Shoppe mid left, Hospital up center, Island low right, many empty parcels.

This is how I shall remember the lovely Cape Wrath; As I spend the last days helping people pack, arranging new lodging, shepherding all the animals, and more.
   The Guvnah has told me that he has reserved some parcels for people of note, in the Village. Oxbridge Village is a hub of activity, great stores, and so close to the University where I work, they have carriage taxi service in the Village to take you there! If there is a beach for my little boat, some room to land my balloon, I shall be very happy I think!
   PS- as a Duchess I was privy to more shocking news of Caledon during my talk with **, but being a doll, am unable to reveal anything told me as a secret. Kinda. Stay tuned though and read my missives carefully!
P..S.S.  The musty old Professor's quarters are lovely! And there is a beach in back! With neighbors  around me all from Cape Wrath, I shall be quite fine. But

Now,  I have but a fortnight to finish my work with the cadaver of my friend,, creating a new vehicle for me.

A human vehicle...



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