Sunday, October 27, 2013

Returning to your purpose, Ballet Pixelle

I stood in my doll box for an hour, just staring at my reflection in the thick cellophane- expensive makeup and hair styling, an amazing dress and the new crown on my head, the crown of the Duchess of the fated Cape Wrath, now 5 days from its derezzing into the Forever Broken. Yet, I felt happy!

The Cape has been wonderful, and the people remain, in fact at my new little home, my neighbor is one of my friends from the Cape, Brianna. Very glad to see she has found a nice place by the sea, she did  before and I am sure it mattered to her. It mattered to me, and I am a clockwork person. People seem to need things much more, but I may be wrong.

It suddenly hit me then, that I should  return, to the purpose of my creation, my reason. I stared at the picture of me, taken the first week of my creation, October 2009:
The freebie Barbie Princess outfit given by the Dollmaking Machine at the old  Dollworks in the now gone Barbie Village.

I knew as I stared at the image of me in my ballerina leotard and princess dress, exactly what ended doing.

I ran in my heels to the train station, but,,, it was gone! The C-DOT workers had already removed it, So it was a few minutes later  that I got flying in the Copper Dream, on my way to
   Ballet Pixelle was having their Finale Performance of their show,Burlesque. It was more than just a series of vignettes of SL burlesque, it was a historical anthology, of the styles and techniques used by chronological era.

   Aiyanos, Patros, Tinka and Tik were nearly flawless in the 1800s representation, the music and sounds of the era and the video  used, raised it to a high art form.

    The crowd was spellbound by the amalgamation of animation, dance, detailed costumes, and the audio visual media. A quick glance told me the audience was a mix of art lovers, and true benefactors.

 Lovely displays of ethnic dancing, and tongue in cheek Americana, skillfully done with an artist's vision.

 Graceful! This was my center, all my mental contortions unwound and focused on the truth, the love.
   Every Pas, every Gran Jete' spoke to me, "this is why you were created, this is what is important."
   I was home. Among human dolls, and their appreciators, among art, and craft, and creation, and love.

 The Neo Parisienne offering was European flair in audiovisual, and costuming was perfect! The dancing was still sublimely controlled classical movement to New World Impetus.

The Curtain Call took a few seconds for rezzing the changed costumes but not overly lengthy
Afterward, Patros, Tinka, Shuma, Vivienenne and the others met us for autographs and greetings. It is a truth that a doll instantly knows another doll. The same seems true of dancers; They all spoke to me freely, sharing their missteps and joys of a difficult move completed, and invited me to auditions coming soon!

   And I said yes!

You can find Ballet Pixelle, their little movie theater, the stage and classes, at the SLURL below

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