Monday, December 19, 2016

New Advances at the Caen RP Sim; Faster fun

World War 2 still rages on in the French area of Caen in this fun and simple combat sim. The VICE system uses physical weapons, firing tiny prims you can't see, which your weapon recognizes when you are hit by one, and PLOP, down you fall. The system was a bit quirky a year ago but they have a new improved method which does not need special bands and HUDs and active groups. The weapon places the proper band on your arm, all you do is touch the gun, tell it what side you are on, and away you go.
     The city is filled with flags, which either side must stand beside for 5 seconds to capture and turn it to your side's flag. The play is fast paced! When shot enough times to register 0 life points, you teleport to the home base, from where you can select any flag you still possess , and teleport there to begin again.  Much simpler play, much faster! The sim has plenty of roleplay opportunity too, with theaters, clubs, cafe's, office buildings, underground tunnels and railway stations, churches and Allied bases in the far woodlands. They have frequent team versus team scenarios, just speak with Elein Snowpaw, or the group 1. Armee Heer Wehrmacht, to set up an event.

     Oh! I was promoted! The SS Kommandant liked the way I ran messages during a recent attack, kept his car gassed and ready and typed his report, so i am now his personal secretary! I wonder if i get the pretty uniform he has, or this one still,, I do look good in black,,,

Somewhere in time,


((I have also played as the British Commandos side, both sides are fun to play, evenly weighted, the roleplay is up to you ))

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