Monday, December 26, 2016

Season's Delays at RP sims- Prelude to Convergence

"I waded thru the apocalyptic waste, waited at night as the strange new creatures ate,, avoided the crazed lunatics that succumbed to the D13 Virus,, and finally made it to the city of Convergence.
   I knew they would take a little while to process me to live within this strange city, materializing from nowhere, mystical ,and terrifying creatures of myth within and surrounding,,, they would want to be sure,, careful.
   But I had no idea it would take days,, weeks! I guess I could,, dye my hair? clean my shotgun? I cannot wait to interview these city administrators and find out why they lock the gates for weeks.  I know the TV station where I worked is gone now,, but I will still end this log with, This is Candi with News 5 On Your Side, Reporting."

((The Convergence sim is one of a suite of RP sims that host elaborate rules and lore on the website. They seem very strict about their lore and restrictions and the number of warnings I received while filling out the complex online application, outnumbered the number of those who stopped to help me, 11 to 0. Undaunted I think it will be a fun sim,, a fun RP,  but all the mentors, application reviewers, processors, etc,, are gone on Christmas holiday and will not be back for a week. It makes you wonder, if they are not being paid, and they like the sim, wouldn't they be around anyways? if they are being paid just to keep them helping,, is the sim any good? I've never heard of a sim where they officially suspend letting people join, i should like to ask them,, if they ever let me in! ))


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