Saturday, December 30, 2017


Remember how good the Oval Theater was?

 How wonderful the costumes were and the original dance animations?

how you stared in awe  at the pyrotechnics and particle effects and fog and lighting and moving shifting growing spinning objects?

Remember how you cried when you heard they were gone?

Ohmycog do I have good news for you!


Steve Ruhig-Allen, Othon Weiland-Nootan, Red Hykova and the many other talented members of the artistic team, have landed on the Island of Christos; River Island Performing Arts, a theater located on Christo Spyker's beautiful River Island Sim. The sim hosts an art gallery, dance club cafe, and artsy pose scenery. RIPA offers  musicals, drama, dance, ballet, revues, and live concerts, all year around. They also have Theatre Magazine, which outlines the latest news and events in the SL Theatre scene.

AND what a better way to showcase their amazing talents, than with THE NUTCRACKER?

I got my invite by steam powered pigeon, and I simply could not be contained! I had one hour till show? There was makeup! Shoes! The proper dress!

Shoes by N-Core, dress by Utopia, the "Go-To" for going out.

The trolley stopped in the square looking at the RIPA's enormous facility, behind me was TRACS, the local dance club.

Champagne was provided! And free Theatre Magazines,  Group applications, freebies table for holiday presents,, fabulous!

The ticket said A-8,,, Front row of the balcony, by the Art Gallery!

I read the playbill, and made small talk with the lively crowd- it was assured there would be plenty of AVE's and BRAVO! and applause

The designers opted for cute in their opening, and it excelled!

In RIPA fashion, the house grows from a tiny piece onstage to filling the entire mammoth stage!
 Then disappears revealing the inside of the home, all expertly timed with the music.

 The Nutcracker's familiar pieces elevated me as the warm color schemes and detailed choreography welcomed all and took us on an amazing journey!

 SHH!   It's Him!  As a clockwork person,, it's THE reason to watch The nutcracker!

 Here he made colorful birds appear from a hat, walk into a circle then begin rotating around him till they exploded  and one burned on the stage! When he went to stomp it out, it became a brilliant Phoenix and flew into the audience!
   The dancers seem so... clockwork!

 ...Wait. . . . that's a REAL KEY! Could he be like me? In a world of corruption, disbelief and bias, could actual clockworks like me, be hiding in plain sight?

The transformation to the Forest, the growth of the nutcracker into lifesize, was breath taking as it nearly exploded off stage!
 See? And Clara's transformation was something I'd seen in countless dreams... myself as Clara.

 The rats nearly win and cart off Clara but,, look who saves her!
 So gorgeous and uplifting, the mesmerizing music and sparkling stage, truly astounded the senses.
 Snowflakes and sugar plum fairies and Russian dancers and much much more would grace the stage while...
 Up in the dark, Silent lubrication of joy was wept...
 For a clockwork who may have found a family, and a family that found a new home..
 I cannot be happier for Second Life! They seem to have been given another chance, after letting the live theatre scene collapse,
 ,,,by gifted and extraordinary players and helpers of Live theatre companies, such as
    the River Island Performing Arts Theatre!

--I had much more to show, but... that would not be fair to you, as no photo can truly do this justice, I would not want you thinking you had in any way experienced the electric, awe inspiring spectacle!

THURSDAY JAN 4, 1 PM SL Time (US Pacific time)

Tell them you read about them here, maybe I will get to see for myself if other sentient clockworks exist there!


P.S.,,, it is all offered free of charge, they need your donations to keep going,  Please?


  1. On behalf of River Island Performing Arts, I would like to thank you for your amazing review of our little ballet :D

    Just to clarify, there will be two more shows: one on January 2nd and one on the 4th, both 1pm slt at the River Island sim.

    You can also follow our FB page, if you want:

    Thank you for your love and support, and have a happy new year!

  2. Thank you so much Wendy.