Monday, July 2, 2018

Stargirl... Missing? JOIN IN THE DC and MARVEL ROLEPLAY!

Having just put the human vehicle back into the stasis tank in the basement laboratory, I was relaxing with some friends when the paperboy brought me today's news. He always knocks and hands it to me, and looks around with his curious  eyes, He is so cute! I have thought it would be nice to give him the perfection of a doll body, that he could be so cute forever. But in my human vehicle, other thoughts come over me, quite negative of the doll body. So for now I wave and hand him a coin for his trouble as he gawks at my chest, and at the noises from the cellar door.

"Stargirl Missing" my friend asked as she helped herself to the last scone. It wasn't rude; in my Promethean form, my Doll body, Scones would make quite a mess inside!

 "Yes, they must be beside themselves in Metropolis! I,,, I could of course,, if they needed help..."

My friend though saw through me.

"Do you suppose Jack will be there?"

I blinked. I hadn't seen Jack Knight since that lovely trip we took together,,, well, it started lovely.

"Maybe. It's been a long time, he's forgot all about me. Dolls do not linger long in the minds of humans."

My friend hugged me and smiled.

"As a human let me assure you, that I remember at best, half my boyfriends, but the names of every single doll I owned!"

"In that case, I need you to do something very intimate,, I wouldn't ask you but,, it is necessary. "
She stared and nodded.
"Please, wind my key, then turn it  backwards, till the head comes off. That will hide my,,, identity."
"But, Wendy, you will have only two hours till you run down! What if,, what if..."
My mind was already on Jack, on Stargirl and all her lovely friends that had done so much for me in the past, if I could do anything to help her, I had to try, any doll would.
There was a moment of,, a pinch, a pinch in my mind, as the key head came away in her hand, but I did not look back. There was no thought but to investigate, and resolve. as the book of Shelley says, "Nothing so tranquilizes the mind as a steady purpose"!

 The bus dropped me off quite promptly in downtown Metropolis. Millions of people, tons of exciting things to do and stores in which to shop!  But as the bus covered its escape in a cloud of brown fog,,,

There he was.

"Hi, Doll."

"hh,,Hi, Jack. You look good."

How long?

"Too long, Jack. Since the,"

"The Titanic.  you wore blue, and diamonds, and fur, and smelled like heaven."

"Aw, thank you. You were grand, and sexy, and so brave, running to help those people at the stern."

"Hey,, Doll, I lost you, it was chaos, and dark, all the screams.How did you make it out of there?"

I smirked with a shrug.

"I walked."
"These furs are ruined....."

"I am so sorry about Stargirl,,, what do we know, and can I help?"

He took me to a small brownstone in town,, but once inside, the wall decorations gave the location away.

Jack was as friendly as ever, but, he had gotten married, and turned over his title of Starman to another, and she was missing. Best to put our past in the cabinet of time.

He told me about her recent visits to the Lexx Club, Lex Luthor's nice swanky dance spot. He showed me the pictures, the items kept from before their disbanning, and regrouping,,, He told me of clues,,
Like Hawkgirl's helmet, and mace,, was she missing too?
He showed me the pictures of her, on the wall,,, with the scepter. I smiled.
"Do you remember when that thing caught the cabin on fire and we had to run outside in the snow?"
Jack laughed, he was calming down, though still worried about Stargirl. 
"Yah, god it was cold. I flew off to get help, and when we got back you had frozen into a block of ice, up to your waist in the Volga!" We laughed, and I touched his cheek.
"I thawed, Jack."
"You were cold before the,"
"I thawed."
"You're still,,, you know. It complicates things."
"I made a human vehicle, fully functional..."
"I,,, I got married."
I nodded. 

He stopped the cab by the old club, the same magician was there, she didn't seem to have aged a bit,,, maybe she was magic?
"Doll, I've shown you the clues, we have put out the call, people will come to help. Wanna get a drink?"
I smirked and shook my head.
"You know what alcohol does to me."
He nodded.

We sat together in the cab, looking at the Daily Planet. The strike was in its second week, but they were talking about a settlement. They would much rather be back covering the news, and not being the news. Newsmen are like dolls.
"I've shown you everything. Got anything to go on?" He half smiled, with hope. After all we'd done, he had every right to hope, and I was glad to help.
"Yes. I put a few things together when i was standing back taking pictures. But you are going to need help, Jack. A lot of help."
He nodded and we walked through the park to the bus station.

Coming back soon, Doll?"
"Yes, Jack. Hopefully with reinforcements."
"Gonna wear fur?"
I thought.
I nodded.

But I was such a silly doll! Time was ticking! How long had it been? I jumped on the bus and that pressure in the thoracic cavity told me, be worried.
The pressure on my inner belly was the unwound spring. I cold barely stand when I got off the bus, and then barely walk... But if I calculated correctly I should have just enough to get home!

I miscalculated.  Dolls are not known for their mathematical skills.
As I laid there, in the time before my brain functions seized up, I thought about the clues again, and the people needed. 

As long as people strive for good, and are as dependable  and caring as a doll, or as my friend is,,, Metropolis, and Gotham, and all the world, will be safe.

DID YOU SEE THE CLUES IN THE PHOTOS? Are you interested in helping out in a Marvel or DC comic roleplay?

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