Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Cinderella Doll goes to 2 Balls for Caledon

I was a nervous wreck as I carefully laid out my outfits on my large pink bed.
"This for walking around at the Street Fair,,  then the trance appointment at 2, change into this. Same shoes. Meet a friend to relax on the beach and read the new Prim Perfect Gardening book- wear the new Little Heaven Bikini, no shoes. The Caledon kilt outfit and shoes, and hairstyle, for the formal 5th ball, then my Super-Secret Pink Kitty-Doll outfit for the CCB party, the visit a friend at their farm, change to this jeans skirt and boots, and ponytail.

   I kissed  Chunkybutt, my bunny, and told her to be good, and I think she heard me! All was in preparation.

We talked on the beach, and played in the sand, it was a wonderfully hot, sweaty afternoon! But Eclipse is such a businessman, with a tight schedule and soon I was wiping the sand from my butt and hurrying down  sidewalks in sandals to change for the night's affairs.

   There was a sidetrack here, a pony friend asked me to vote for her in a contest, which was on the way, and I got stuck in a trap by some pixies till they paddled my fanny raw,, but,, umm anyways!

My kilt blew wildly in my copper balloon as I slowly rose to the 4000 Meter dance hall Autopiloy Patty had made for the 5th Anniversary Celebration. I wondered why she'd make it so high, but perhaps the thin air makes things more fun for humans?
   Just before stepping out of the balloon, I waited till my key was in a "4'oclock-10'oclock" position, then shut the door on it. The air hissed as the balloon struggled, winning against the gears and springs inside me, and cranking  the key till it was straight up and down. Now I had time for the dance! I felt so smart, I could almost care for myself, and that is leaps and bounds above my non-sentient doll sisters!

Starling and I dance, as a "who's Who" looks on

My eyes adjusted rapidly to the dark room and soon I was shaking hands and curtsying to Dukes and Duchesses, great business leaders, and despicable despots. (hey they have mommies too)
   Eris and I chatted briefly at the bar. Her coat from Blakopal was such a scene maker! Captain Starling was there, in a gorgeous white outfit, and I had said yes to his proposal for dancing and conversation before I knew it! He has become a businessman too- owning hotels it seems. We had a great conversation! I had to refuse a drink, only 1 alcoholic drink is all it takes for me to become quite wild and lightheaded- even more than normal and that is saying something. I had to hold my own in this room of great people!

The crowd hushed and music stopped, and there was the Vicereine Kamilah, and Desmond Shang- The Guvnah himself! My knees buckled and Starling held me tightly, I wondered why I hadn't thought to do that earlier.
   Lucien was called forth where in a brief ceremony he was made a Knight of Caledon! Syr brentano was choked up, tears leaking from his eyes like a Cry-Doll filled too full- it was so I think- for if you had heard his words of gratitude and love, and his giving credit to others, his stuttering from emotions,, you would agree his heart was as full as can be, and it made all of our eyes leak, a little I think.

"Are you coming to the CCB Dance, Wendy?"
   Fear over came me again- I had to hurry home!  I quickly made my goodbyes, and kissed Captain Starling fast before thought could set in. Fortunately Copper balloons descend quite rapidly, I merely had to angle it toward the large blue Victorian building in Cape Wrath. A year and a bit, and I am still quite enamored of my happy shoppe. Captain Starling made a good point though- he thinks my business model is too vague- and I suppose i should do something about that.

I stepped into the Cat Brigade building and the atmosphere was greatly different! Denny and Geoffrey, Caledon Rae and Jan, Jayleden and sooo many others were all laughing and jumping about, joking, while bright lights blinked and beamed in time to the dance music. I shook out my tail and combed it through my hands,, the tugging on it brought a shiver up my spine, curling my ears! I knew I should be short in this outfit, the tail and ears and feet, the whiskers and feline disposition could get me into a great deal of trouble!

Baby Desmond? I wondered what craziness was in store as he mounted the Deruthing rocket, shouting "YeeHaww"! Jan looked fabulous in black! I have struggled so hard to keep my latex and leather clothing separate from my cabinet for Caledon clothing. perhaps the CCB makes the two work together? Jan certainly does.

Malthausen is an exceptional dancer!

Breathtaking fireworks from the BewmBunnehs
My neighbor Malthausen asked me to dance and I smiled, looking for his lady, Bellaluna. A quick one wouldn't hurt and to say no simply isn't done in proper Victorian society, and anyways I wanted to! We spun and talked of the new Romantic Na'vi Island I built from my travels to that strange land. He held me,, Oh my Cogs did he hold me,, and I realize now that while in my Neko-form, I simply mustn't let friends hold me,,, for the gears quickly lubricate and spin and superheat, pressure building with an intense and steamy desire from deep within, and the feline nature tries to take over, right there in a room filled with prominent people! I excused myself for air and rushed to the roof to watch the amazing fireworks!  The Bewm Bunnehs had a paw in it, I am certain! Just incredible. it was the perfect end to the evening, so I hurried home, my little silver box camera filled with memories to paste into this scrap book.

Oh um,,

I had this dream  I went to my farmer friend's place,, what a wierd dream,,,,

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