Saturday, February 26, 2011

Steamlands kick off the 2011 Relay For Life with THE MAD SCIENTIST BALL!!

I made this video and loaded it to Youtube, my youtube link in this blog should show it as well but if it has no sound (since they say adding pieces of songs infringes on a law and yet rap music does it everyday) just listen to this one! or IM me in world and I'll try and send it to you. (Someone tell me how to avoid them ruining my artwork please? there has to be a way)
  Everyone looked great! We raised money to cure cancer and had fun doing it- though some people looked REALLY odd! thankfully I look completely normal- as you'll see in the video.


  1. Great vid. Wow, sweet music track too.

  2. Wow! Great video Wendyslippers!
    ~Nyree Rain

  3. Incidental music at the beginning and end, was from The Vernian Process, and from The Clockwork Dolls.