Sunday, February 6, 2011

RCAF has the 1st Annual Winter Dance at the Cape Wrath Hospital

I had the amazing and heavy honor of hosting the first annual Winter Dance for Caledon's military. While my associates ran the shoppe, I swept and mopped the Hospital, cleaned windows and bought new danceballs to replace the one eaten by a lagmonster.
NOTE- DMC makes a great danceball, and their workers are very helpful, but they sell no-copy dances. Their "no questions lifetime guarantee" only says they will allow you to buy another danceball for 250L, and do not replace the dances. Don't be a Ditz-Doll, read the fine print carefully, and always buy Copiable dances!
great danceballs but misleading warranty from DMC- always read the fine print and buy copy dances ONLY!

The uniform fit a bit snug, but what a profound feeling I felt in my chest as I suddenly resembled more than just a successful doll, more than a decent shoppe owner, or clockwork philanthropist. A young sentient toy, a "Clank" from the wrong side of Barbie Village, was being allowed to join the hallowed ranks of great Caledonians and wear their colors, pledge the ticking in my breast to its defense and to the well being of everyone that lives there, studies there, or suns on Caledonian beaches.
   The DJ was helpful in setting up the audio equipment and quite knowledgable!
DJ MichaelNeff Macbeth from Winterfell. I had to alter the uniform for the key, but it looks great!
The Commanders and Captains showed up, Almut and Zoe looked stunning!  Riven Homewood and Alexx did as well, just glamorous!  There was some concern over the small number that showed up however. Though it was in the Steamlander Calendar and mentioned on all the groups, only a dozen people showed up to enjoy the new dances and hear the swing music, and drink the champagne. I felt a little sad for those that couldn't be there, and inspired to begin working on the Second Annual Winter Dance!
Riven and Zoe looked stunning!

Rockandroll and Katelynn- Cape Wrath's new celebrities!

Alexx McLaglen makes an elegant entrance as Ella Fitzgerald crooned

DJ Macbeth played a mix of hot swing dance, and music for couples, Ilia and Haveit, Almut and Pedro sway.
  I know I should've hung up my uniform after the dance, but I had to wear it around, walking about the Cape Wrath shore, nearly green from the melting snow and unseasonably early Spring. It was a wonderful goodbye to Winter, and I stepped briskly and happily on the wooden piers, Bax boots clicking in time with my ticking, very proud to be a Medical Officer for the RCAF.

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