Sunday, November 6, 2011

The First Three Beliefs of a Doll

   I may just be a doll,  and only sentient for now just 750 days, but I am am very excited about this! I think I have formed my first three beliefs! I can feel tingling all over as I mention them to you, as if my skin becomes less synthetic and my soul perhaps more valid, every time I state my formed beliefs! They may not seem like much, but humans have had so much longer to think for themselves than I have, I revel in my place and time on the Great Spinning Cog. Please accept these, my first perceptions.
Doll Beliefs:
1-         Hasbro Ergo Sum
Translated, I interpret: I was created, therefore I am, and no other consideration need made on the matter. It suffices that one IS, and knows one IS, and conveys that they ARE, to be a Co-inheritor to the benefits and entitlements, responsibilities and restrictions manifest in Living.
Inability to convey this truth due to illness, missing mouth hinge springs, or a well fitted ball-gag, does not recuse or excuse or remove from this Being, all those things. Dolls are created to make their creator and owner happy, regardless of their specific design, and this doll believes, so were Humans.

2-            Living people are not LEGOs- APPLEs are not oranges, dolls are not Humans
“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that all women are equal to other women, that Playskool ragdolls  are not Barbie model V Lifesize Personal Assistants with on-board MAC and I-9 processors and Pleasure upgrade 2.0. All created and sentient things have intrinsic worth and deserve care and maintenance, they are created with specific  goals to meet, skills talents and programming to perform their design function, and therefore, have worth as a significant cog in the Great Machine, made by The Creator. An I-POD is not a Bathtub Mermaid  Doll, but both have great functions to perform, give pleasure and fulfillment to others, and deserve cared for, kept in perfect working condition, and corrected or praised.

Most negative issues in sentient life, that I have noticed, were first instigated because an I-Phone was used as a Mermaid Doll, or a porcelain ballerina doll thought it was an Astronaut Action Toy.
Excellence is measured subjectively, based on your design type, and function. If a living owner, playing with me, requires me to perform the role of brain surgeon, or E-Z Bake Oven, they should be assured I will strive for excellence, best that I can, to make them happy. They should not expect that I ever could actually become those things, and judge me  for that which I was created.

3-          Dolls are not slaves- The immeasurable worth of Freedom
I think everyone is familiar with the Betsy Ross Doll Incident, 1979; In 1959 a child in Bangkok was bought a wood and rag stuffing doll fashioned like the American icon Betsy Ross, from an antique store. The child played with her every day, took her to school and they played with others, gave her important jobs to perform, played with others in large slumber parties, even attended Princeton University with her owner. There at Princeton the owner learned from a professor, that the doll was one of the 300 dolls made at the Jackson Factory in 1899! The owner took Betsy to an appraiser, and a Doll Maker, to sell. The appraiser laid her on the table and after a moment inspection, declared her worthless- she was missing all the brass pins in her joints and neck assembly, worn away by time and use. When the owner grabbed her to take her away, she fell into 9 pieces.
   “But she was fine when you got here”, said the appraiser. “Then,” said the owner, “How and why did she hold together, all those years that I needed her, loved and played with her as a child?”
   The Doll Maker, the famous and elderly Hubert Schultz, shed a tear as he tenderly held her parts, and said to the owner who was as a child to him, “Wouldn’t you?”
  Hubert realized that any BEing, praised by an owner, compelled with great necessity to fulfill its design purpose from its Creator, which understands its First Law is to make others happy, will happily, willingly and tenaciously perform all asked of it, including the impossible.
   A slave does what is commanded of them, no more or less, because of fear of punishment. They are little more than non-sentient robots, what true joy can an owner get from its compliance? A toy performs what is required, not only by commanded word but by the spirit of the command. It tries harder, endures more hardships and defeats more obstacles to complete its requirements and did it all because it yearns to make the owner happy. What owner would not feel pride and heaps of self worth, knowing someone, even just a doll, earned such praise onto its Creator, by fulfilling not just the word but the spirit?
   Thank you for allowing me to express my very first three beliefs ever! I am certain they are quite rudimentary, compared to the grand thoughts of Human minds, but many of my kind cannot think any thoughts at all for themselves, or have true beliefs, as any doll knows there is a difference between creation, and sentience. Seeing them, makes the fact I even had my own beliefs, all the grander. I am grateful for my Sentience, for my Creator, and for my loving friends like you, that cherish me and correct me, compel me and guide me, play together, and measure me- let me be found with worth, on the day of my last cog tick.

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