Tuesday, November 29, 2011

RLV's Sinister Sad Side Effects

There was a lovely weekend, Full of close intimate friends , dancing and boating and hiking in mountains, sitting in cafe's, pleasure in hot tubs, on the beach, and even an elegant palace! I sold many items at the shoppe, as the Sinister Steampunk Hunt is winding down tomorrow, and I advertized several sales. I set out many Haloween items, and several RLV items, to add that almost scary flavor. Of course I set the timers on the capture items to 5 minutes or so, just enough to fully change into whatever, and get a photo for your scrapbook!
   But walking out my shoppe back door just now, taking down some of the decorations, preparing for the Holiday decorating, I felt a strange pull, as If my Synt-tex skin was being vacuumed from where i stood, and then my joints suddenly ceased working!
   My own cursed item, the dreaded Evil plant pot, had grabbed me and i was turning into a marble plant holder!

Note the friendly warning sign I provide near any armed RLV items

Then as my internal joints and biological organs began to slow their functioning, stiffening into a crystalline, porcelain object of beauty, I realized the following to my shock :

[16:44]  evil plant pot 1/01.1czfs whispers: Wendyslippers Charisma watches in horror as thier body hardens and turns to stone.

[16:44]  johncharlesIII's Baby: You have terminated this pregnancy.

Had I known, would I have done something different? If I could undo this, would I? I have no time to be trying to raise my, I mean, our,, , I mean  I am sure this is for the best, considering running the shoppe, being a clockwork mom, The other kids would see me as I picked her up at school, or him. They would've made fun, "Look, She's got a toy for a mother! She can't be the head cheerleader now,, or homecoming queen,,, or king... Would my child have been born without a functioning bio-pulmonary-cardio system, like me? Needing me to provide her with the dollification surgical procedure which I have done for dozens of others? Would she be allowed to even go to school, with the possibility of bio-death as easy as forgetting your mid-day windup?
   But, what if she graduated? And went to Oxbridge University, where I teach? What if she became a professor one day? Or an OB/GYN like me, a doctor for the Royal Caledon Air Force? What if she was just a perfectly normal, biologically complete and sealed system, dating and learning and marrying, having babies,,,


[16:54]  evil plant pot 1/01.1czfs whispers: Wendyslippers Charisma sighs in relief as thier body is once again of flesh and bone.

I have not been programmed or coded for sorting these complex emotions and thoughts, and they are making my eyes leak a torrent of steamy caustic saline. I shall have to talk to my dear bio-friends, who I am sure will know how to handle such a moment. I am sure humans deal with these moments all the time.
Don't they?

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