Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dollification of Mostly

Mostly, on the exam table, after the dollification process and key insertion. Her owner Onyx on the right  

     Mostly waved and said a few loving words to her friends, and her benefactor and soon-to-be Doll owner. Then I regained her hypnotic trance, and took her to that warm dark place, from where she would never again rise as a human. The gas slowly paralyzed her lungs, and we quickly moved her to the cylinder.
   Pink fluid rose and obfuscated the workings of dollification to her human friends. Everything was lovely, save for that involuntary grunt sound she made as the ooey gooey parts were extracted, and the gear package installed in the new, clean cavity.
   The loud crunching sound of the key shaft inserting into the main drive gear, and the latching within, did upset them momentarily, but once wound they saw their friend awake, and their fears melted.
   Not their friend, but a shiny, glowing, perfected friend! When Onyx wound the key for the first time, and Mostly's eyes recorded her Owner, the room was filled with the happiness that only dolls seem able to generate! Their hugs were genuine, and loving. I was even hugged, which coupled with the obvious benefitting I gave Mostly, and my feeling of granc accomplishment, did make my eyes leak a little.
   I played my new concert piano through the night, wondering, hoping, that if my Doll Maker had not unwound for her last time, that she would see what she had taught me, see how I strive to emulate her love and caring, and for perfection in the craft. I think she would be pleased with both dolls tonight, hers and Onyx's.

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