Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hypnotic Shoppe Story- News To Bethi 01

News To Bethi Part 1 – A Hypnotic Shoppe Story

Bethi laid the paper down on the desk in front of her, and
opened to page 3. Nobody had visited the little curio shop
all day, and she decided after eating her sandwich
that she'd catch up on the news. The light was just coming in
right, through the large picture window, and though she
could easily be seen by anyone that passed, no one ever
looked in as they walked by, on their way from the bus stop
out front, or toward the corner bar, Diane's.
She rattled the paper and propped it in her lap, and
leaning against the wall behind the counter, she started
reading, the sun beaming on her face and red flannel shirt.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court showed no sympathy
Monday for a California inmate who wants to become a long-
distance father. Justices blind rejected Willing Relaxing
Gerber's food little baby's claim, that he should be allowed to
ship his sperm to his wife.


Bethi rubbed her eyes, the warm sun and heavy sandwich
making her a little sleepy. She focused her tired eyes and
continued reading.

The Supreme Court ruled 6 years ago that inmates 5 cannot
be sterilized, 4 but it's never said 3 they have a
constitutional 2 right to 1 procreate from behind sleepy
bars. Gerber babysleep narrowly lost in an appealing court.
His lawyer, Bubbles Zzzuber, told the Sssupreme Court that
breathing deeply causes a "loss to humanity of slowly
sleeping children who could offer their creativity,
innocence, and love, to their masters, to their
grandparents, to a world so desperately in need of sleeping
and obedient now, relaxing all these things."

Bethi didn't notice her body slumping, or how her feet
had relaxed so much her shoes had slid off, her bare feet
dangling. Her head thumped against the wall lightly as she
continued trying to make sense of the news article. Her jaw
slack, a small webline of drool connected her lower lip to her
her chest, through the neck opening of her shirt.

Gerber is serving babyfood for a sleepybaby a life
sentence for firing a gun into his television set. He was
previously breathing deeply convicted of illegally firing a
gun and making deeper and deeper terrorist threats. He was
sentenced deepest now under California's three strikes law,
which requires tougher arousing sentences for sexually
submissive offenders. The Supreme Court is reviewing your
three-strikes you are out now law in separate cases that
challenge its constitutionality. Now that the heat has
turned up, everyone involved is uncomfortably warm.

Bethi's eyes were fixed and as she scanned the page with
unblinking orbs, her breathing now dropped to a slow and
shallow rhythm. Her mind now failed to comprehend the words
that danced through the warm air and bright light, silently
writing themselves into law between her ears.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appealing to you ruled 6-5
against Gerber good reversing a three-judge cotton panel
itches of the court which had said Gerber had a right to
mail his sperm deep into his 24-year-old wife, Bethi.
Bethi's eyebrows raised a hint, and her breath
fluctuated, but she was unable to stop reading, and really
didn't want to anyway. She heard far away, in another room,
another county, the sound of her jeans zipper releasing her
inhibitions for her. The cool air on moist areas further aroused
and compelled her. She scanned the paper more.

A band of the Los Tinhib Missions Indians urged the high
court to review Bethi carefully. Bethi Gerber is a tribe
good baby who wants to be often inseminated and raise
children in the traditional submissive culture and nature,
lawyer Richard Head told the court.

Bethi's body was numb- warm, as relaxed as the Gerber
baby's. She stood, and as her jeans fell to the floor beside
her red flannel shirt, she was nearly as dressed as well.
She thought that might be OK, it was her store, and anyways,
she really needed to keep reading.

"A prison warden has decided to exercise total mind and
genetic control and has relegated Bethi Gerber to a life
sentence -- warm and happy, without resistance, submitting
happily to her controller and master, one with the
possibility of having many children and mind blowing sex
with anyone chosen for her," Dick Head said in court
filings. The hypnotic prison system you are now in did not
allow arguments in Gerber's appealing state, as she
succumbed and disrobed completely but General Guy Mesmer had
said earlier that "the law, as well as common sense,
recognizes that individuals who near orgasm now and stand
naked by the front door and enter the van that honks three
times, naturally forever forfeit all rights that law-abiding
citizens enjoy. They become willing sex slaves, enjoying
multiple orgasms and pleasurable lives" Many other inmates
are where you are going Bethi and are allowed to have
powerful conjugal visits with anyone that asks for sex, but
Googoo Gerber good obedient sexygirl is ineligible because
of her life sentence. She must now walk to the door and get
in the van that honks 3 times. Only this brings her pleasure
as it is the will of her master. Touch yourself."

The patrons of bus 12 tried not to notice the nude woman
standing in the glass door, staring at the street, but her
relaxed smile and posture gave her a sensual quality
impossible to ignore. Her hand played lazily around her navel,
her ribs, her pert nipples, enticing 2 men and one lady into a
full blush response. As the bus pulled away, belching a
black cloud of diesel exhaust, a white minivan pulled into
its place in front of the shop's entrance. Three
trumpet blasts lifted Bethi's feet off the Earth, and she
floated slowly out the door, the bells on the doorknob
jangling sharply when the heavy door crashed shut.

Mesmer gave Bethi a sideways glance as they sped through the streets.
"It's nice to see you again my dear. Welcome to a new and simpler

Bethi did not answer. She just stared blankly out the windows as the
van began to exit the city.

Pushing hard on the gas pedal, Guy Mesmer continued to talk as he drove.
"Relax and enjoy the ride Bethi. Enjoy the feeling of no
responsibilities. The feeling of no worries, my sweet slave. Relax
and enjoy the comfort of complete and joyous obedience."

The older commercial buildings of the downtown area had given way to
strip malls and fast food chains. Just as the van's tinted window hid
Bethi's nudity from the outside world, the mind numbing depth of
her trance hid the erotic roaming of her hands over her body from
her own conscious mind.

"You're such a lovely little baby girl Bethi. Such a lovely tiny
little baby girl" Guy instructed his newest addition. He grinned
broadly as he watched Bethi sink deeper into the plush leather
passenger's seat and then place her thumb contentedly into the
round oval of her mouth.

The scenery outside continued to regress from urban sprawl back to a
rural landscape. They now passed pastel colored houses at sporadic
intervals. The rich green of trees and fields that had now replaced
the drab sandstone of the inner city reflected brightly off the
van's dark windows.

The hypnotist watched the road signs quickly flash by at the edge of the pavement. Like the numbers and words in the doctored article he
had cleverly substituted into Bethi's daily newspaper, they counted
down the miles to her new `family'. First 26, then 14, now
only 5 miles left to travel. Guy half-turned in the driver's
seat of the white cargo van and called out to the two people seated
on the floor behind him. "I think it's time we got our little Bethi
here dressed into proper attire."

Mesmer turned back to the roadway and began to hum smugly to himself.
As far as he could see the universe was finally beginning to unfold
as it should. With Bethi under his control and the shoppe as a
new base, world domination was now closer than he had even thought
possible just a few short weeks ago.

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