Saturday, August 21, 2010

My First Class Taught at Oxbridge!

The Plaque used on the display board

I was sooo nervous!
Practicing and rehearsing for the last two days however really paid dividends. Having set up in the amphitheater area in Cape Wrath, I walked thru the use of the image board, the timing of the class, any jokes to make, whatever.
A horrible surprise came when I found my narrator HUD wouldn't work! Jayleden recommended the Speaker buddy HUD which I got for free on X Street. I had to cut my paragraphs into pieces less than 256  letters each.
There were many new people, but all had humor and were lively, replying to questions with little prodding really. Savanah Blindside, Lucien Brentano, Jayleden, and a few other friends, were present, but not stodgy- they were FUNNY!
Lucien is an exceptional instructor so i was filled with joy when he said-" I'm DELIGHTED that I came. I didn't really learn much, because I'm older than dirt, but it was bright and engaging and well-paced, And you, my dear, did anEXCELLENT job at nudging us along and interacting and everything"
I do wish I had gotten a photo, but I was too nervous! The hour does seem a bit late, but it went well enough, and dolls don't sleep anyways. There may have been a few more at an earlier hour, but I am grateful for what I have, an opportunity to make people happy through teaching, helping and expressing these basics that can truly enhance a person's Second Life. I really felt, if not human, at least validated- i made jokes about being a clockwork person and how that works in RP and emoting, which helped the class.
Exhaustion seems intent on overtaking me, my unfounded fears having sapped me of my reserve strength. But I am buoyed by this memory and knowledge- the class is valid and relevant, the teacher is accepted and proficient, and the future for a young Professor Doll at Oxbridge,, very bright indeed!

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  1. A-ha! So it was your first class. I had a feeling, but the way that you engaged the class with questions and also the manner in which you referenced other courses made it seem as though you had been teaching for months.

    Very professional and a great job all around.