Sunday, January 16, 2011

My First Hostessing at Doll Lovers Paradise

When Mandy asked me how long I took to dress for my first time as hostess at the Doll Lovers paradise, I told her, "2 Hours." I was so nervous!

the Doll Lovers Club, on the Paradise Sim. Region owner Madame Wender Lorefield in blue, right.

   But when I arrived at the club, all my stress drained away within minutes. I don't think many negative feelings can last long, in a bright pink room filled with bubbly, fun dolls and those that love them!
   Madame Wender was considerate- she knew I would be nervous and kept constantly whispering to me things I could say, should tell the crowd, etc. Even when I made a huge error and suggested we start the voting for the "Best dressed Doll" contest an hour early, she was careful how she mentioned it. I think Madame Wender would be like a human's mother- caring and helpful and supportive. That is, if the mother wore black latex, stilletos and carried a whip.

Madame Wender hugged and kissed me congratulations- A successful first hostessing! Kimiko in foreground
The contest ended in a 4 way tie, which always makes people happy, and the music by DJ Brandi was fun, poppy, and "Doll Like". A great time for everyone! I got to play with people, bring up conversation topics, do the "wee!" slide, and mention upcoming events to the Sim. I left feeling very pleased, and a bit tired.
   I got in my sulky, and as my buckskin quarter-horse pulled us home to the Shoppe, I counted the coins in my Tip hat. It was enough to make 1 week's tier on one parcel! I giggled gleefully, anxious to Hostess again, and thankful to Skye and Madame Wender for giving me the chance.

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  1. I wonder now, whatever happened to Madame Wender Lorefield?