Sunday, January 9, 2011

A slow Sunday becomes a wonderfully romantic day for me and Eclipse Winterwolf. We took time,, I learned how to feel with my mind, he learned to see beyond the brass key,,

This image was deleted in the blog but also in Picasa, so nobody can ever enjoy it, ever again.


  1. Wendy, your right hand column shows up on my screen as all shoved over the main body text...

  2. I just pulled this up and mine looks ok, but I will shrink the image block and see if that helps for the imbedded image.
    Just noticed- THEY DELETED MY SECOND PICTURE! People, it was romantic and soft, and lovely, cuddling on a sofa with the sun rising, pressed together enough to hide most sex parts but maybe not all, too satiated in the afterglow to care,,
    I did say this is a Adult blog and if it offends, you should not view it, right? As I recall I was lying on top of him, with my key in the air catching the sun light.