Sunday, January 16, 2011

Steelhead's Roman Dance

I get many notices at The Hypnotic Shoppe, and carefully read and consider every one. But when the courier arrives on horseback wearing brass revolvers, well, wouldn't you pay a bit more attention?
   I was hereby invited to the Steelhead  Roman Dance! I called my assistants to watch the shoppe as I went into the Great Closet and dug out the never - worn toga I bought so long ago.
   "I knew this would come in handy!"
   Lacing up the boots proved an effort, and exercise in patience. One should not do it when one is late for a dance with fun, influential people of the Steam Lands! They come stretched out to fit anyone, and you must edit them, one loop at a time, each ring resized, then rotated so they touch again. Tedious, but they look really nice when you're done.

:DOLL FASHION NOTE: If you are wanting to make an impression in a large room, an entrance where most people will be 20 M or more from you, choose the primmy clothing over the apparel "paint-on" clothing. Details like sandal laces, belts, scarves, brooches etc are lost on clothing at that distance, but hold up in the viewer better if they are an attachment. It's a pain I know, but the price we pay for glamour and fame! Remember your beauty and presence may be a reflection on you, but it is a gift you give everyone there. :

The Gorgeous Ballroom in Steelhead was the perfect opulence for a Roman Dance
I wondered if my lengthy preparations would be noticed, but was relieved and overjoyed to receive so many greetings at the marble entrance. I tried not looking at the mesmerizing chandelier and mingled with the others. There were Region owners and Mega-store creators, Chancellors and Univeristy deans, a veritable "Who's Who" of the Steam Lands! I was awed and very happy to be there.

The time taken on the prim belt and sandals pays off. New hair in Roman style helped too!

Thadicus and Riven looked marvelous, as did Annechen Lovey, Cooke Andel, Dominic Roffo, Palabra Puddlegum, Michael Macbeth and so many others!

Don't Thad and Riven look great?

Annechen's toga (left) was stunning!

It was also nice to see so many men at the dance, where there is usually a disprai, a dispare,, a um,, well, it is uneven!

I simply could not end this without thanking Tensai Hilra for the lovely sim with such rich RP potential, and the fabulous dance party! Here's a picture- LOOK HOW CUTE!
just another adorable dancing kitty,, no wait,, it's Tensai Hilra!

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