Friday, June 3, 2011

Frank yes, Bogie no, Cocktail yes, Tealength no.

Gisaci, Tropea, Je Suis, may not be knee length, but definitely A-list  

After a lovely time dancing at Frank's place, I thought I would pop into Bogart's, supposedly a fun dance club with a "Bogart era" feel to it.
   so I slipped into my new white Gisaci dress, Tropea shoes, Je Suis jewelry, grabbed my matching handbag and off I went! The lag was as bad as I had been warned but it was nice looking.
   But at the door, a bouncer named Mitchell said I had to change, they had standards there and  I didn't look formal to him.

 [16:43]  Mitchell Indigo: Hello there and welcome to Bogart's Jazz Club.  However we have a requirement for formal attire in the ballroom.  Do you have a longer gown you could change into please?
[16:44]  Wendyslippers Charisma: i did not see where  knee length was required? did i miss where that is?
[16:44]  Mitchell Indigo: except for the shoes, the rest doesn't look too formal to me

Mitchell at front- note semi nude woman and short skirt in club

  My eyes leaked, and I apologized, and left. I then asked for the notecard on the rules so I would dress properly next time. He provided this-
          Formal and/or  semi-formal attire is required in our ball room, which is defined as a tea-length or full-length gown, and a tuxedo or suit.
[17:07]  Wendyslippers Charisma: would tea length be a cocktail dress at knee length?
[17:08]  Mitchell Indigo: I don't know actually
[17:10]  Mitchell Indigo: a cocktail dress is actually shorter 

   Dresses there must be "Tea Length" by their rules, and I asked if I could wear my knee length Gisaci instead? They said no, tea length is not knee length and not formal enough.
   E-How states:
          a tea length dress should fall near the bottom of the calf. In practice, modern tea-length dresses are often cocktail length, falling just below the knee. So, if a dress falls above the ankle and below the knee, it may be properly considered a tea length dress.
          THEN, the quintessential authority, Emily Post says:
      " a cocktail dress is more suitable for an evening affair that is semi-formal, when men wear black suits.  The tea dress, on the other hand, is often made from lighter fabrics and is more suitable for less formal daytime affairs, or more casual, outdoor, daytime weddings."

     SO, I went home, changed handbags and rushed off to Toontopia techno dance club. Clearly Knee length could be tea length, and cocktails which might not be, are considered more formal. This has never been an issue at Frank's Elite, which also has less lag, so my mind was made up fairly quickly on this whole human issue. I say human, because the data was not presented as the basis of the decision, but the manager Mitchell's own opinion was. And dolls don't care really what they wear to dance, or where. In a year, when Bogart's is owned by someone else, or now called "Casablanca" or something with an RP feel to it, I shall try again I think. Till then Frank's Elite is a fabulous place for romantic dancing, and Toontopia is a great techno hi-energy club, and for industrial  and dark ethereal dancing there is either Club Zero or Outpost 13, casual music and dancing is well done at the Savoy Jazz Club, Fifties music and clothing at the Charleston Ballroom, and Rock music at many good clubs from AnthroXtasy and Club Rawr, to Fallen Angels, Rubber Room and Equinox. Steampunk Venues like Blue Mermaid and Poppy's Cat Alley are eclectic and fun.
   Second World has no shortage of fun and exciting nightclubs, just be aware of the dangers at the door, and have a back up plan.
(And if you find a great place,, Tell Me!)
but wait, her dress is,, aww nevermind.


  1. Even fashion rebels must surrender some times...I'm glad you didn't.

  2. I too had an un-friendly experience at Bogart's. They have a "no furs" policy. So, I flicked my tail at them and took myself, and my date, to the Bella Vida Jazz Lounge instead. Another wonderful place for romantic dancing is a quiet place called Smooth.

  3. *jots down the addresses and begins contemplating the apparel*

  4. I should mention,if you plan to dance at Bella Vida, they have a formal dress code there.