Monday, June 6, 2011

Pictures from Cape Wrath- The Wreck Rally 2011

Miss Spin judges from the platform as I stand ready in the Nightingale. Cape Wrath and Brigadoon below

Miss Spin now visible on the platform, Hypnotic shoppe below, Penzance in the distance

The hammering sounds was loud enough to hear from inside the shoppe, but I had forgotten that today was the Wreck Rally until Miss Ember, or "Dimmy" called upon me in another of her amazing flying contraptions! I marveled as she mentioned that fliers in the Wreck Rally would be aloft in vehicles too new or risky to be given license by the Caledon Aeronautic Department. She asked if the Royal Caledon Air Force could supply a medical ship on hand to perform rescue and healing services, should something go wrong. Imagine any decent doll saying no!  Soon I was chatting with Miss Spin and enjoying the lovely view above the cape Wrath Hospital, next to my cute little shoppe.

Miss Ember and Miss Spin watch as Nathaniel crosses the point. The romantic  Na'Vi Island  visible up left. 
Nathaniel's ship made little noise, and only a bit of smoke as he tugged along in the sky like a lumbering sea vessel. He had lost several parts however and reported where they had fallen to Miss Ember, who dispatched crews immediately. I worried for the homes he flew over!

Jedburgh "Dangergirl" missing several large pieces! Miss Spin was not amused.
I had a few of my associates make scones and tea, bringing them up to us as we waited for others. After a great while, and several tasty scones, Jedburgh became visible in the distance. She was missing half her ship! she shivered in the cool Cape air, and gratefully accepted the blanket, and the scones. before I could pour the tea, she had rushed away! Very tenacious sportster, I thought, but what sort of competition does not make allowances for afternoon tea?

The sun sets, the race ends, mooring the Nightingale

The beautiful sun set just as the race was completed, and Miss Spin hurried to the meeting of all judges, to tabulate and um, to do what judges do, apparently. I moored the mobile clinic, after a slow jaunt around the lovely northern tip of Caledon. Cape Wrath has so much to offer, peaceful, polite, serene, um, when they are not building Rally platforms,,,

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