Monday, June 20, 2011

Lady Godiva Rides for Relay For Life!

Sentience brings a strange duality to me; For I retain a wonderfully blissful existence free of most concerns that seem to etch the faces of humans like caustic soda. Making people happy is to me a fun and happy way of life, a mantra, a Command, by the Great Designer, the Doll Maker.
   Yet, as a sentient, I cannot help but feel there is a time and place for certain things, and Cape Wrath, I have felt, is a place of Victorian values, fashions, and goals. Certainly it is not the place to ride naked with my joints shining in the mid day sun!
   And yet...
   During a conversation with my long time, close and dear friend Magdalena, she suggested we do something to raise funds for those who have or may have the human illness known as "Consumption", or what the Romans called the Cancer (Crab)  Disease.I like the term consumption better, after I heard how it acts and what it does, the name fits far better. And to a doll, names are everything!
   Magz: "We should do something to raise money for them!"
   Me: "Oh yes! What a grand idea!"
   Magz: "We should hold a rally or event here in beautiful Cape Wrath!"
   Me: "Oh yes how splendid!"
   Magz: "We should ride horses and have a Lady Godiva Ride for a Cure!"
   Me: "Oh yes! I love horses!"
   ... Dolls are typically not well read, and I was not aware of the full ramifications of the term, "Godiva"! I thought it was to do with chocolate! Now that I look back, perhaps this was what I had envisioned, except for the letting the horses lick the chocolate off of us, after the ride, , ,no matter!

If you have not been to Cape Wrath recently then you may not be aware, even on a warm day, the air off the ocean is rather brisk. It also pushes your hair about fitfully. I was concerned that there was not enough hair spray in all Caledon! It was my friend Addherea that brought me the solution to remaining "PG" - being from Mermaid ancestry, she brought over a mixture of kelp and strange fluids, which though nauseous to smell at first, dry  quickly, hardening the hair and having a lingering fragrance like Victorian Gardens in May! She said that the smell, as well as a special song, helps her lure sailors to her friend Davy's place, but she did not say what kind of dance club Davy had.

My horse liked the new "Modesty"saddle!

Magz looked so cute on her Thunderkitty! We talked about the ride, hoping people would come, our hair, and other important matters till time for us to line up at the start!

  I checked on the store customer I had just transformed into a planter, and his soil was still moist, so I hurried off to the Northwest shore!

Cguy asked about the 1000L transformation package, and "What RLV is"... How does that saying go about wishing?

The crowd thickened quickly with the best, the boldest, the most lovely members of all Steamlands showing up, adding their Maker-given gifts to aid our Ride for a Cure. It was honestly very heart touching.

Magdalena, me, Garnet, Yenta and Solace

Trilby and Jillian- So adorable!

Nyree was stunning on a buckskin!

Blakopal astride the most gorgeous feather footed horse!

We were all in a hurry to head off, when the wind picked up. Not only was it chilly, but the elephant had eaten recently, and the poor thing had the most awful case of indigestion.

The second turn- Lag rolled in like the fog at night off the water

The First stretch- Garnet and Magz stroll the Boardwalk

My very good friend, Lady DarlingMonster Ember

Among those present along the ride were ambassadors from Sweden (No, really, ), Lord Whybrow and Lady Ember, and so many distinguished Sim Owners, builders and renown persons! The kiosks began to hum and click with donations!

Finish Line- Hypnotic Shoppe Kiosk!
The applause was loud at the finish line, from the dozens of cheering people, and it strangely made my eyes leak, though I was smiling and giggling with immense feelings of fulfillment! I have scheduled a session with Parson Bert Nuubert of the Brigadoon Chapel, to help me understand this eye leakiness.

When dolls are not sure what to do,

They have a party!

Dancing in the June Cape Wrath Evening out back of the Shoppe

What a merry time! Note tequila and watermelon on walkway

Everyone seemed to like the music, and the conversation was lively and mostly about how successful the Ride was! I knew that naked people brought people to watch, having been displayed at many fine dance clubs, but this just felt like such a marvelous step above, even now I feel somehow redeemed, but from what, I am not sure. Parson Nuubert will have such a busy day with me...
   It was Magz who added the alcohol to the watermelon, saying it would taste better if she added that much more. I explained to her how a very little amount has a profound effect on me, and possibly on others, and she said it would be fine.
   I woke with 3 revelations.
   1- Magdalena means "Woman from Magdala". She is not from Magdala, which was the first of many things I should have questioned. Did I mention how important names are to dolls?
   2- The pounding in my head was matched by the pounding in the heads of all the partiers waking up on my lawn.
   3- at that moment, we had made just shy of 5000L!!

   Immediately I notified everyone I could, through the Hypnotic Shoppe group, and the Caledon chat group which oddly worked that morning. I was elated! That amount of money may not be enough to buy some huge machine but it might be a dose of medicine, or repair parts for a machine, and imagine, just that simple act and simple donation might mean comfort or cure to someone, in some country somewhere, and we did it? We comforted them, we cured them, we gave, we cared.  I somehow feel as if I have cured myself of something, though I am not sure what - Poor Parson Nuubert. What a handful I shall be...

NOTE- 48 hours later as of this writing, the Cape Wrath Kiosks have tallied over 10,000 lindens toward curing cancer. I am almost unable to pen this, overfilled with immeasurable gratitude and humility. I look forward to Cape Wrath's 2nd Annual Godiva Ride, and what cures we may help create! I will also be asking for help cleaning up the boardwalk, should we have another pachyderm with diarrhea.

Nobody seemed to notice or care that my joints were not masked with liquid latex. I love the Steamlands!

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