Friday, June 17, 2011

Stomping at The Savoy!

I admit my cogs were a bit shaky, going out. I had submerged myself in my shoppe of late, focusing on the new vendor boards, demo products and the new  item I made, nearly ready for marketing. Since the embarrassment of being asked to leave the Bogus, or um, whatever it's name was, I had been afraid of making a scene.
   Social humiliation is bad enough, but what are the rules pertaining to non-humans? A bio-woman can be kicked out, to her shame, but I could be thrown into a dumpster! or worse, SOLD!
   But the Savoy was a fun club, more outgoing than Frank's, but still a high quality feel to it. And it has "street cred" in social circles, so I was very excited!
  The litmus test- I stood by the bar, where I could be seen by the whole dance floor, and the live singer. All seemed to approve of my Gisaci designer dress and Armidi hand bag. That dipped in pine tar feeling was gone! I felt gorgeous again, and sat at the bar to hear the performer.
   Keeba Tammas is fabulous! Her selections ranged from old Cole Porter standards to modern love songs. Her production was solid, no squeals, hiccups, wierd sounds, or lag effects. That is a good point- as I sit here in the autowinder-chair penning my thoughts, I cannot recall any appreciable lag at The Savoy. Keeba ended with The Beatles' "In My Life" and I managed to catch a piece of it in the record-a-graph. Though my settings caused a choppy look to the image on playback, it did not exist in real time. It was fabulous! I floated the whole way home, the heels of my black Sargentos clicking as I sauntered daringly, happily whole inside once again!
   ((This was my first test of the 3d mouse Space Navigator- you would not believe how awesome it is! If you are in ANY 3D world, you absolutely need one!))

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